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Notation Dealers in the USA and Canada

USA/Canada Stores

Select USA/Canada and State/Province to find local dealers. Call ahead to make sure your desired product is in stock.

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Online Resellers

All Editions USA
  Genesis Technologies USA 800-433-6326
  J&R Music World USA 800-806-1115
  Kelly's Music CAN 204-346-5573
  Music Studio Direct USA 877-687-4270
  Musical Progressions USA 800-657-2261
  Musician's Friend USA 800-391-8762
  Sam Ash USA 800-472-6274
  Sweetwater Sound USA 800-222-4700
Academic/Theological Editions
  AABACA USA 952-933-7307
  Academic Superstore USA 800-854-5787
  Christian Computer Concepts USA 800-381-6434
  Creation Engine USA 800-431-8713
  JourneyEd USA 800-874-9001
  McCormick's Enterprises USA 800-323-5201
  SchoolWorld USA 800-554-2991
  SoundTree USA 800-963-8733 USA 888-561-7521