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A subscription to classic SmartMusic gives one person or device access to our entire catalog of music on any computer or iPad that has SmartMusic installed (system compatibility, software download, and internet access are required).


  • This is not the new, web-based version of SmartMusic.
  • If your student’s teacher is using new SmartMusic, or your student is using a Chromebook, this classic version is not compatible. Click here to learn more about new SmartMusic.
  • Classic SmartMusic will retire Aug 31, 2020. Subscriptions purchased after Sept 1, 2019 will be prorated accordingly and no classic subscriptions will be sold after December 31, 2019.
  • Classic SmartMusic is not expected to function correctly on macOS 10.15 Catalina or iPadOS 13. Click here for more information.

Purchase the subscription(s) below that fits your needs. If you are a parent purchasing for your child or if you are a school purchasing in bulk, you will be given codes after purchase that enable you to transfer subscriptions.

Classic SmartMusic for Students

Classic Student Subscription (Expires 8/31/2020)
$26.60 qty Add to Cart

Classic SmartMusic for Educators

Classic Educator Subscription (Expires 8/31/2020)
$93.20 qty Add to Cart
Classic SmartMusic for Students, Bulk Subscription Option (Expires 8/31/2020)
$26.60 Add to Cart
Classic Practice Room Subscription (Expires 8/31/2020)
$66 qty Add to Cart


Renew Your Classic SmartMusic Subscription (Expires 8/31/2020)
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Vocal Microphones

SmartMusic Vocal Microphone SmartMusic Vocal Microphone $34.95
10 foot cable
Requires USB port
Only ships within the U.S.
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